Please take a look and see my previous website designs and developments.

Gift Sensations

Sydney-based gift basket company, specialising in gourmet food & wine hampers. Creating gifts for all occasions including newborn baby gifts, interesting gifts for men, pamper gifts for ladies and offer Australia’s best selection of Christmas gift hampers for the season of giving!


Gift Sensations New Site by Diggy
Gift Sensations New Site by Diggy

This site took a total of one month to design and develop. The site was built on an ePages 6 platform from a reputable Australian eCommerce provider by the name of eCorner. A new colour scheme and logo was devised six months prior to the new design and a rethinking of SEO and Marketing tactics was devised.

After the busy Christmas period, design commenced and the old site was closed. New assets were developed with input from the business owners. None of the old assets were carried over. The result is what you see today.

Gift Sensations Old Site
What the Gift Sensations Old Site used to look like

Aussies Abroad

I created a prototype of the new Social Travel Platform ‘AussiesAbroad’ for a university project. AussiesAbroad aims to network Australians travelling overseas and serve as the one-stop community portal for any Australian outside of their home nation. By allowing users to post Callouts, display their movements on a travel map and featuring two-way advertising, Aussies Abroad is the state-of-the-art travel platform.

Aussies Abroad Screenshot
Aussies Abroad - Connecting Aussies. Worldwide.

The site had to be developed over one weekend so took 3 hours to develop the CSS in conjunction with the Photoshop assets, then took a couple of days and a lot of thinking (of what to write) to develop the HTML that pulls the site together, with some help from Dreamweaver libraries.

The next step of this project was to develop an iPhone app, which is still in development in XCode. So far it’s working very well in the iOS emulator, but time will tell if it actually works well on real iPhones and iPads! An Android version and Windows Phone 7 version is in the works provided the iOS version is successful.

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