How to live without fixed-line Internet

Broadband is something most people take for granted.

I’ve moved house a fair few times, and a very common theme is that the new place has no pre-existing internet connection. Usually this would mean suffering for about a month on a pre-paid 3G plan while waiting for ADSL to get installed. Which is often a world of pain in itself, because Telstra like to disconnect copper pairs from vacant rental properties, meaning a $300 connection fee for the unwitting new tenant.

But this time, it’s different. In a bad way. A very, very bad way. My new place is in a “soon-to-be-NBN-enabled” area. How soon? November-soon. The grey box pictured above is teasing me in much the same way as you would eating a hamburger in front of a weight loss gymnasium. With an SQ-failing copper line, ADSL is out of the question. Wireless will have to be the only way for these painful six months. I know what you’re thinking. Wireless is slow and expensive. Fortunately, it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. Continue reading How to live without fixed-line Internet