Wasabi Mango QHD277 Prime Korean Monitor Review

Can you really get a top-shelf 1440p monitor for AU$320?

Deep down in the manufacturing enclaves of Seoul, South Korea lies a number of small enterprises that buy “A-” panels on the cheap from local OEM giant LG. The whole story is on Whirlpool courtesy of always-helpful member AndrewRox22; in a nutshell, “premium” companies like Dell and Apple are very picky about the panels they use in their high-end gear. The batches they reject are labelled “A-” and wind up in the hands of the aforementioned Korean companies, who sell them worldwide on eBay for rock-bottom prices.

Unsurprisingly, Korean monitors are popular amongst the technical crowd. Amongst the many brands you’ll find on eBay, there are some clear favourites – CrossOver and Yamakasi “Catleap”, to name a couple. The monitor I bought, and will be reviewing today, is the tastefully named Wasabi Mango QHD277 Prime. It’s a new model from a new brand – a glossy 27″ 2560 x 1440 jobbie, and I’m fairly sure this is the first review on the entire Internet of it. Continue reading Wasabi Mango QHD277 Prime Korean Monitor Review