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Check out my latest site!

Apologies for the long time I’ve been away. You’ll notice that I’m now hosting my own WordPress blog rather than using, and, well, a lot has happened since the last time I blogged!

Today, I’ve successfully managed to launch the development project I’ve been working on for the last month,¬†Baby Gift Sensations, a new online store dedicated to selling adorable gift boxes and gift baskets for newborn babies, toddlers and mums!

Baby Gift Sensations took the better part of last month to develop (okay… maybe I did take some time out to go on holiday to Singapore!) as I was simultaneously developing the new Magento version of Gift Sensations. Yep, that’s right. No more hosted software means a fresh start for the site, and it also means I can truly call it my own work. Have a look at that too: New Magento Gift Sensations!

There’s so many benefits to switching to Magento (not least the ability to TRULY run a multi-store, finally), including some of the code enhancements I installed: a one page checkout, massive product images that really show off the goods, a ship to multiple addresses feature and a whole heap more.

So, anyway, check out my two new sites and tell me what you think!

New Developments at Gift Sensations & Aussies Abroad

The effort I put into my clients’ projects is always ongoing, that’s the way I contract my services. In order to keep the interest of customers, it is always preferential to keep your sites and services new and fresh at least every month. Here’s what I’ve been doing over the past few months for my two clients: Continue reading New Developments at Gift Sensations & Aussies Abroad

Using JavaScript to Change Text in ePages (Part 1)

Another day, another ePages fix!

Many people will often complain about the limitations of the ePages software when it comes to not being able to edit the source code.  With that said, most core functions are hard coded by the provider, and unfortunately since ePages is a German product, a lot of things get lost in translation to English.

My case in point: every product page, for example this one, features “Detail View” underneath the image, to view a larger image.

“Detail View”? It’s a mistranslation of “Detailansicht” which in most English e-commerce sites should really read “View Larger Image”.

Here’s how I fixed it. Continue reading Using JavaScript to Change Text in ePages (Part 1)

Manipulating the ePages Shopping Cart with JavaScript

Any web developer using the ePages shopping cart software will soon realise its limitations, compared to solutions where you can edit the source code.

Never fear if there’s a niggling anomaly which you think needs changing. You can use JavaScript or CSS to respectively change the functionality and the design of your store. Continue reading Manipulating the ePages Shopping Cart with JavaScript

My current development project!

I’m excited to be working with the owners of to design and develop their new website!

Gift Sensations, a long-running Sydney online company sells all sorts of gourmet gift baskets featuring plenty of tasty treats, fine wines and impeccable presentation!

The site is currently running through its second phase of development, all the backbone of the site is in place and design is complete! We’re in the process of adding products to the site and within a couple of weeks the site should be nice and ready to go live. All in time for Valentine’s Day!

I’m looking forward on unleashing this site to the world!