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No Human Intervention – The M2M Revolution

If you asked me to look into my crystal ball and tell you what the biggest thing in electrical & telecommunications engineering is going to be within the next 5 or so years, it’s Machine-to-Machine communications – also known as the Internet of Things.

For long enough our computing technology has stagnated – today’s computers are a lot more powerful (count how many transistors there are in a new gaming graphics card, I dare you), a lot better looking (I’m looking at you, Apple) and incredibly tiny (the mind-boggling power that exists in the modern smartphone in terms of raw performance outclasses my desktop PC from 2007). The next logical step, of course, is to step up the intelligence.

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How to live without fixed-line Internet

Broadband is something most people take for granted.

I’ve moved house a fair few times, and a very common theme is that the new place has no pre-existing internet connection. Usually this would mean suffering for about a month on a pre-paid 3G plan while waiting for ADSL to get installed. Which is often a world of pain in itself, because Telstra like to disconnect copper pairs from vacant rental properties, meaning a $300 connection fee for the unwitting new tenant.

But this time, it’s different. In a bad way. A very, very bad way. My new place is in a “soon-to-be-NBN-enabled” area. How soon? November-soon. The grey box pictured above is teasing me in much the same way as you would eating a hamburger in front of a weight loss gymnasium. With an SQ-failing copper line, ADSL is out of the question. Wireless will have to be the only way for these painful six months. I know what you’re thinking. Wireless is slow and expensive. Fortunately, it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. Continue reading How to live without fixed-line Internet

Wasabi Mango QHD277 Prime Korean Monitor Review

Can you really get a top-shelf 1440p monitor for AU$320?

Deep down in the manufacturing enclaves of Seoul, South Korea lies a number of small enterprises that buy “A-” panels on the cheap from local OEM giant LG. The whole story is on Whirlpool courtesy of always-helpful member AndrewRox22; in a nutshell, “premium” companies like Dell and Apple are very picky about the panels they use in their high-end gear. The batches they reject are labelled “A-” and wind up in the hands of the aforementioned Korean companies, who sell them worldwide on eBay for rock-bottom prices.

Unsurprisingly, Korean monitors are popular amongst the technical crowd. Amongst the many brands you’ll find on eBay, there are some clear favourites – CrossOver and Yamakasi “Catleap”, to name a couple. The monitor I bought, and will be reviewing today, is the tastefully named Wasabi Mango QHD277 Prime. It’s a new model from a new brand – a glossy 27″ 2560 x 1440 jobbie, and I’m fairly sure this is the first review on the entire Internet of it. Continue reading Wasabi Mango QHD277 Prime Korean Monitor Review

Check out my latest site!

Apologies for the long time I’ve been away. You’ll notice that I’m now hosting my own WordPress blog rather than using, and, well, a lot has happened since the last time I blogged!

Today, I’ve successfully managed to launch the development project I’ve been working on for the last month, Baby Gift Sensations, a new online store dedicated to selling adorable gift boxes and gift baskets for newborn babies, toddlers and mums!

Baby Gift Sensations took the better part of last month to develop (okay… maybe I did take some time out to go on holiday to Singapore!) as I was simultaneously developing the new Magento version of Gift Sensations. Yep, that’s right. No more hosted software means a fresh start for the site, and it also means I can truly call it my own work. Have a look at that too: New Magento Gift Sensations!

There’s so many benefits to switching to Magento (not least the ability to TRULY run a multi-store, finally), including some of the code enhancements I installed: a one page checkout, massive product images that really show off the goods, a ship to multiple addresses feature and a whole heap more.

So, anyway, check out my two new sites and tell me what you think!

New Developments at Gift Sensations & Aussies Abroad

The effort I put into my clients’ projects is always ongoing, that’s the way I contract my services. In order to keep the interest of customers, it is always preferential to keep your sites and services new and fresh at least every month. Here’s what I’ve been doing over the past few months for my two clients: Continue reading New Developments at Gift Sensations & Aussies Abroad

Using JavaScript to Change Text in ePages (Part 1)

Another day, another ePages fix!

Many people will often complain about the limitations of the ePages software when it comes to not being able to edit the source code.  With that said, most core functions are hard coded by the provider, and unfortunately since ePages is a German product, a lot of things get lost in translation to English.

My case in point: every product page, for example this one, features “Detail View” underneath the image, to view a larger image.

“Detail View”? It’s a mistranslation of “Detailansicht” which in most English e-commerce sites should really read “View Larger Image”.

Here’s how I fixed it. Continue reading Using JavaScript to Change Text in ePages (Part 1)